Ben & Brittany- Houston Wedding Photographer


Ben and Brittany. What can I say except WOW! I've known both of these two separately for several years. And now seeing them together, they are the perfect fit. When they got engaged and I took their pictures- I was so inspired by their love for each other. You can just see their love and excitement for one another through the images. When they asked me to do their wedding, I was elated! Brittany did an amazing job planning their wedding- from the colors to the flowers to the music and dancing- everything was perfect and so uniquely tailored to fit them. But my favorite thing of all is witnessing their love. It's so evident that they are made for each other and God brought them together. So glad they chose me to capture their love... it was literally effortless and I was just there along for the ride. Take a look and see for yourself!

Special shoutout to my amazing second shooter Cindy Janette!