Being a photographer full time is so rewarding and fun! You get to create and meet amazing people all the time for a living! But knowing where to start can sometimes be a challenge. How do you solidify your style? How do you get your ideal client? How do you create beautiful photos in not-so-ideal situations? I don’t claim to be an expert or know it all. There are people that know more than me, and are more talented. But after being in the industry for 7 years, I know a thing or two about it. After getting many requests for some time now, I’ve decided to add on “mentor sessions” for aspiring photographers.

Some of the topics we can cover can be:

-How to nail down your “style”

-Website and branding

-how to attract your "dream client”

-shooting style for natural “unposed” photos

-lighting tips and tricks

-editing with lightroom

Plus much more! You can feel free to ask me any questions during our mentor session, I’m happy to answer them! I’m an open book and excited to help and invest in your growth!



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