Hey there! So I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself.

Welp, my name is Julia. I love to dream big dreams and watch God bring impossible things to pass. I love seeing people realize their full identity and potential. I have a need to create, always... everyday. I have always wanted to work in a creative realm, ever since I was a child. I tried a desk job once.... that lasted about 10 months. Haha. It's perfect for some people but it definitely wasn't for me! I felt God nudge me in this direction... towards owning my own photography business. It was a giant leap of faith, but after I took it, I could never want to go back. Photography is always so fresh, so new... it's never the same thing every day. It's been almost 3 years since I stepped out full time, and has been an amazing journey... I love that I get to create for a living and make people happy in the process! I'm a pretty bubbly person and love to laugh at all times...life is supposed to be fun! I love Jesus, my sweet hubby Hozana (a sports photographer), and my family so so much! I am obsessed with coffee and own several coffee gadgets. I love all things home decor/design and actually wanted to be an interior designer for the longest time. Fall and Christmastime are my favorites! I could eat Asian food every single day and be so satisfied. I am passionate about seeing people's lives transformed by God! I am a big-time people person and strive to make sure everyone's experience in working with me is personable and comfortable. If you would like to know any more, feel free to ask me- I'm an open book! :)