Sunset Cliffs, San Diego Engagement- Traveling Houston Photographer

When Candice and Colt were talking to me about engagement photos, I mentioned we could travel somewhere if they wanted. We all agreed that while we love Houston, it's one of the most geographically un-interesting places on the planet! Haha. So Candice asked me to pick out some places in Cali and send them to her! I found Sunset Cliffs on Instagram and sent it over, and she was totally on board! So off we went a few weeks later for a weekend trip to San Diego, Candice and Colt, my hubs and I. None of us had ever been so we were excited to try all the restaurants and cute spots... we definitely lived it up! haha I'm gonna say Lionfish was one definitely of my fave food spots- their steak and lobster sushi roll was heaven in your mouth!!! We were supposed to shoot Saturday but the forecast said rain and gloom. Luckily we were there for a few days so we switched the day and worked it out with hair and makeup, and were able to shoot on Sunday. This turned out to be one of my favorite sessions everrrrrrr!!! Candice and Colt were naturals and the whole thing was so romantic! We also did a shorter session at Torrey Pines and were running back to our cars from the storm that was coming haha. Thank you so much, Candice and Colt, for bringing me on this amazing trip, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am sooo pumped for your wedding in September!!!!

Julia Arceri